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Let’s be clear, whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned leader, you want to know that your organization is a better place because of your presence. That’s what great leaders do, they show up and make things better.

You  make things better by helping your people navigate the challenges of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in the world. This VUCA environment has the accelerated pace at which organizations and their people have to react, respond, adapt, and innovate.  You want to enable them to keep up without burning out. Because of this, you are committed to developing more leaders because that’s how you make an impact that creates wide ripples throughout your organization and beyond.

This means we have a lot in common.  We both support others in reaching goals that support them and the bigger common goals and vision. Most importantly, we both help others navigate the expected and unexpected challenges along the way, which is why I would love to support you.

One way I support you in helping your people, is through speaking to your audience.

Five Benefits of Hiring Denise to Speak

There are lots of talented people in your organization, so why bring in talent and expertise from outside?
Because you will reap the benefits and get a great return on your investment. Here are a few ways you benefit.

1. Increase Creativity and Boost Innovation

Bring in a fresh pair of eyes and new perspectives to issues that have become too familiar and routine. A little inspiration, some specific examples, and new ideas for approaching old challenges go a long way. They help in getting people unstuck, reviving the creative pulse, and moving people to inspired action.

2. Promote Collaboration and Improve Teamwork

Working closely together with like-minded people is a good thing – until it isn’t. Like other relationships, teams who work together can become so focused on the unity of the team that they become separated from other teams and departments. They lose sight of the bigger picture and fall into group-think with blinders on. Let me help to redirect focus back to the larger vision and to working across teams and boundaries.

3. Improve Employee Performance

Most organizations say “our people are our most valuable asset”. Only the organizations that actually demonstrate that by investing in their people through training and education come out ahead of the pack. In one study at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers discovered that when companies invested 10% of revenue in employees, productivity went up 8.5%. Get the combined expertise of the clients have worked with and learned from, as well as my personal expertise. I have experienced leadership from multiple perspectives, as a corporate employee, project manager, and an advisor to organizational leaders.  Now as an entrepreneur and CEO, who is a certified personal and professional development coach, certified executive and team coach, and an awarded winning speaker, I’ve gathered even more insights to help people build their skills and perform better as individuals and as teams.

4. Increase Employee Engagement

The Global Workforce study by Gallup found that only 15% of employees world-wide were highly engaged, which leaves an enormous potential for improvement. This is literally money on the table, especially when we know that companies with the highest levels of engagement are 21% more profitable than those at the other end of the spectrum.
You get someone whose strength is helping people connect their unique and individual talent to their contribution to the organization. In combination with a company culture of valuing its people, the result is employees who are more engaged, because they recognize that they are vital to the organization.

5. Practice Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is more than a trending topic, it is a top leadership issue. Practicing DEI is key to attracting and leveraging the power of the best people for your organization and its goals. Embody the values expressed around diversity, equity, and inclusion and take your company’s commitment to DEI from an initiative to “the way we operate”. If your organization is just starting out to improve DEI, hiring highly qualified business partners and service providers, who reflect the diversity you have or want to draw into your organization is a great place to start and to lead by example.

What my Audiences Say…

Most talks are either very authentic or very professionally presented. Few manage to do both. Denise’s was super well presented and at the same time very real. That made it stick…

Matthias Mueller-Krey

from a storytelling event

For me, the single best talk of the conference as well as a huge eye-opener. I thought I sort of knew what impostor syndrome was, but I had no idea…

Audience Member

from a keynote presentation

Denise offered simple and practicable solutions.

Cecile C.

from a keynote presentation

Speak to me about speaking to your audience.

First, let’s discuss the challenges your people and your business are facing. Then, let’s work together to determine what will bring the most value for you and your audience. Whether it’s a workshop, a training series, or a keynote presentation, you can count on my expertise and commitment. Finally and most importantly, I’ll help you choose the best solution to help your people overcome their challenges, utilize their strengths, and leverage the opportunity that is available in every situation.

Keynotes, Presentations and Storytelling how you want it: on-stage, on-screen, on-demand – on point.


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