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The Science and Art of Leadership Meet Here

Leadership: Science or Art?

The debate on whether leadership is a science or an art is longstanding and ongoing. Although I enjoy a good debate, you have surely got other things to do. And I’d rather be studying findings on the science behind leadership, reading an inspiring story about someone who leads with gratitude and intuition, or listening to a TED Talk about why leadership is both a science and an art. As a result of working with and learning from leaders from emerging to executive level, I am convinced leadership is both science and art. That’s why the two are inextricable in my work with clients.



The Science of Leadership

There is a sea of research and empirical and evidence-based knowledge about leadership. That’s the good news. The bad news is that very few leaders and departments charged with leadership development have time to dive into that sea of knowledge. You probably know that.

Here’s what you may not know: There is a huge gap between research findings on effective, impactful leadership, and what is commonly believed and practiced. In other words…

When it comes to best-practice leadership, common knowledge is not common practice.

Mind the Gap

This science-practitioner gap means that there is a lot of misinformation being turned into misguided practices.

Those misguided practices lead to lower employee engagement, higher turnover,  more conflicts, higher levels of burnout, and other undesirables. These things cost your company money, time, and points on the eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score), making it harder to attract and keep great people.  Ultimately, this all affects how your customers perceive and experience you and your organization, which in turn negatively impacts your NPS. It’s a vicious chain of reactions.

Even worse, as a leader,  they make your work less rewarding and more stressful. In short, those misguided practices make work suck for everyone involved. Right about now, you are probably thinking “there must be a better solution.” And you are right on that!

Introducing: ImpactLab – a better solution

Since I am into simple (and better) solutions sprinkled with a little magic, The ImpactLab is the answer to how to close the science-practitioner gap in best-practice leadership.

The ImpactLab explores the practical application of techniques and tools from psychology, as well as biological science, including neuroscience and physiology, and extending to energy aspects, which is metaphysics. We use the science of leadership to optimize, so you can lead effectively and efficiently.

I know what you’re thinking. And, yes, you’ve got enough on your mind, so you don’t have to worry about the details of the science of leadership. I do that for you.

You just show up with your leadership challenges and an open mind, and we’ll brew up the right solution.



The Art of Leadership

The ImpactLab explores the practical application and effect of techniques, tools, and belief systems to leadership. The Art of Leadership is like all art forms, it is expansive and expressive. It reveals the individuality of the artist, in this case, the leader.  The ImpactLab includes emotional intelligence, ethics, personal values, spirituality, and compassion in the leadership equation so that you can lead from the highest version of yourself, the person you want to be as a leader and a human being.


Coaching Lab

Training Lab

Speaking Lab

Coaching Lab

Whether it is 1-to-1 or in a group, coaching is a process that illuminates new perspectives, shifts mindsets and brings out the answers that are inside the person being coached.


Here’s how it works

You bring the answers (even when they are not clear to you yet) and a willingness to release what is getting in your way.  I bring the right questions to help you move from where you are to where you want to be –  and I bring a LOT of questions.

Core-Energy Coaching, Stakeholder-Centered Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) are a few of the powerful methodologies and techniques I use in coaching.

I like to keep things simple AND if needed, I also have a host of tools available, because every engagement is unique.

In addition to coaching leaders and their teams directly, I can also guide leaders through the process of becoming better at coaching their people as an important part of effective leadership.

We can work in-person, as well as virtually by phone or video conference. Whatever the medium, you can trust the process to be effective. I work in the languages English and German.

The Coaching Lab recap:

  • 1-to-1 or group coaching
  • for all levels of leadership, team members, individual contributors
  • onsite, offsite, in-person, virtual
  • English or German language

Training Lab

Whether you are a subject-matter expert, an emerging leader, or a senior leader, you probably know that there are at least 4 different learner types/learning styles.

What you may not know is that in addition to those learning styles, as adults we learn differently than when we were kids in school. That is why I’ve designed my training experiences to encompass not only different styles but also the pedagogy behind adult learning.

Relax, you don’t have to learn about the process, just know that it is part of the concept to help you learn, process, and retain more of what you learn. Thus, you get a bigger return on your investment. You’ll also have a lot more fun.

Knowledge is great; application that meets your challenge and gets you results is even greater.

Here’s what we can work on together

When you hire me to train, you have access to a wide range of expertise focused on practical application. My training topics encompass personal development, leadership, and communication. Personal development includes intra- and interpersonal skills including building confidence, building resilience, overcoming impostor phenomenon (aka impostor syndrome), and developing emotional intelligence.  Communication includes values-based and appreciative communication, stakeholder-centered communication, difficult conversations, and delivering feedback.  Leadership includes creating and leading high-performance teams.

I also train on other topics around Diversity and Inclusion themes, such as empowering women, recognizing and dismantling bias, and cultivating an anti-racist culture.

Your needs,  the needs of your organization, and the goals for training determine whether we work one-to-one, in small or large groups, in a meeting room setting or a larger conference auditorium setting, onsite, offsite, in-person, or virtual.

CAUTION: If you find laughing, dancing, singing, or an occasional tear, unprofessional, or completely unacceptable in a training environment, you may want to work with someone else.

We can work in-person, as well as virtually by phone or video conference. Whatever the medium, you can trust the process to be effective. I work in the languages English and German.

The Training Lab recap:

  • customizable for leadership  levels from SME, to emerging and senior leaders
  • designed specifically for adult learners
  • 1-to-1, small groups, large groups
  • delivery method determined by your needs and goals
  • topics include personal development, leadership, communication
    and diversity and inclusion themes
  • may involve music, dance, or emotion
  • in English or German language



Speaking Lab

A leader who is unable to inspire others will soon find themselves with no one to lead or even worse, followed by a bunch of disengaged followers!

The ability to efficiently and effectively deliver information and communicate a message that moves people is a key competency for success and effectiveness as a leader.

If it doesn’t reach, impact, and move the listener, what you say is irrelevant. This is why speaking to be heard and understood may be the most important skill you’ll learn in life.

Here’s what we can work on together

Whether you are speaking to your team, your colleagues, or your shareholders, you need to convey competence and authenticity, strong speaking skills give you the confidence to do that.

The most effective speakers embody competence and confidence through their: Mindset, Movement, and Message. These are the aspects that we’ll focus on when we work together.

Need to prepare for a high-stakes meeting, a conference, a TED talk, or an award ceremony?  Whatever the occasion, I’ve got you covered. 

As a professional speaker and storyteller, who was in the top 1% of over 35,000 speakers competing to reach the world championship of public speaking two years consecutively,  I know how powerful words are. I also know how much more powerful words become when delivered through masterful storytelling, with the right mix of passion, emotion, and skill. I will help you find the right mix for your presentation.

We can work in-person, as well as virtually by phone or video conference. Whatever the medium, you can trust the process to be effective. I work in the languages English and German.

The Speaking Lab recap:

  • 1-to-1, small groups, large groups
  • speaking 1-to-1 or 1-to-many
  • storytelling skill-building
  • holistic approach: mindset, movement, and message 
  • preparation for (high-stakes) presentations, TED Talks, keynotes, and more
  • in English or German language

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