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I know something about you. Right now…

Your mind is racing 24/7 and you’re wearing ten different hats at any given time. Every day, for every solution somehow at least two new challenges arise.   At work, at home, in your home-office, or in your office that is now home,  like the avalanche of demands, you are going nonstop.

How can you leverage opportunity in these dynamic, uncertain, and even chaotic times?

You feel excited and energized, anxious and exhausted all at once.  You’ve gone from leading your people at work to being a leader, a coach, a cheerleader and an emotional crisis hotline operator.

How can you support your people and get best results for the business, when they are stressed and virtually working from everywhere?

You know that things have changed forever, accelerated change is the new normal.
What has to happen so that you can do more than pivot and survive, and instead, thrive AND  take your leadership from good to next-level, legacy-worthy status?

You’ve got questions and  tough issues to resolve,  preferably yesterday.  You know that people are counting on you to guide and support them.
What you don’t know is that the solution to isn’t as complicated as you think.

In fact,  although the solution isn’t easy, it is simple. That’s why I believe you are going to like it.
Let me share what else I believe.


I Believe...

We are most effective, most impactful, and happiest when we align our lives to our core values. Two of my top core values are personal growth and service to others, and I continuously strive toward the next level in both areas. I also believe...

ROI, impact, and integrity,
go hand in hand.

Analytical and intuitive,  strategic and tactile,
make an unbeatable combination.

Your values, your leadership, your desire to serve,
are how we create a better tomorrow today.

If YOU believe  these words belong together and these ideas ring true,

You just might be a unicorn - or a values-driven, servant-leader, or both.

Either way, if you are looking for someone who understands your desire, your drive, and your dream, to do more than just run a profitable business and to be more than just a good leader, someone who is ready to support you in doing that, we just might be a great match.

A little more about you and what I can do for you

If you are like most of my clients, you have complex challenges in life and business, things that keep you awake, because a lot rests on your shoulders.

Through mindset coaching, values-based leadership coaching, and a customized mix of professional development training and skill-building, I enable and support professionals and executives to become noticeably and measurably better and more effective as leaders.

No matter who you are as a leader today, you can always become a better version.

You can be that leader who...

  • Communicates easily and effectively, even in a crisis.
  • Builds high performing teams that outperform others and add more value to the organization.
  • Attracts and retains the best talent, because of your empowering leadership style.
  • "Gets it all done" without burning out, because you raise up more leaders to support you.

Become a servant leader, who is able to navigate the challenges of a complex world with ease and confidence, make a greater positive impact in your organization, and create ripples of goodness and greatness in the world through values-based, legacy-worthy leadership. Contact me and discover how I can support you on that path.

Training and Workshop Experiences

“ I was really thrilled with the atmosphere Denise created and the clear and practical examples she gave us.
I can apply 100% of the content to my work.”

- Senior Manager, IT-Management Consulting, Berlin
(Train-the-Coach / Leaders as Coaches Seminar)

Strategy meets confidence, results follow...

“I was feeling unprepared and lacking confidence before a meeting with a big company to pitch my services. I worked one hour with Denise setting up a strategy, and thanks to her key recommendations the meeting with my client ended up giving fantastic results. Denise knew exactly what needed to be done during the meeting and in what order. Her clarity of mind and capacity to see with precision what you and your client need, her organisational skills and her empathy, make her an outstanding business coach.”

- Rakel Sosa, Business Owner, Pranayama Yoga Meditation

Training and Workshop Experiences


“ I was surprised at how easy Denise made it to transfer theoretical knowledge into my own work. The exercises transported the core role for the leader who coaches. ”

- T. Heinrich, Executive Board Member, Berlin
(Train-the-Coach / Leaders as Coaches Seminar)

Work better, live better...


“ As I began to take care of myself much better in my work life, I also did so in my private life.”

- R.H., Business Consultant, Berlin

Personal growth, revenue growth...

"Denise was very compassionate in how she supported me to find a strategy to deal with the sabotaging relationship that I had with shame and the pattern of numbing out to not feel the trigger of low self worth. After our work together I was able to find the confidence to charge the prices for my services that I’m worth. Having this strategy in my tool belt has been very empowering."

- Sara R., Business Owner, Phoenix Arizona

Ask And Receive.

Would you like insights and inspiration to be a better leader,
a better communicator, and the best version of yourself?