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Lead with simplicity and clarity.

Just as every drop is the ocean, you are your organization.
It’s time for values-based, servant- leadership.

Lead with resilience, agility, and inspired action.

In an uncertain and volatile world, now is all we ever have.
It’s time for values-based, servant-leadership.

Lead with integrity, compassion, and confidence.

How you lead changes tomorrow today.
It’s time for values-based, servant-leadership.

Be a force for good

Let’s face it, as a leader, one thing is certain, you impact others and that impact creates ripples – in your organization and in the lives of everyone you encounter.

The question is, is the impact you make, the impact you want to make? Is it positive and deep? Does it disrupt dysfunction and the status-quo? Does it create ripples of goodness and greatness?

If you are reading this, you probably sense (or know for a fact) that there is room for growth in your leadership capabilities and overall as a human being.  You are not alone. Driven by accelerated digitalization, shifting societal consciousness, and global crisis, demands on leadership at every level in organizations continue to increase at mind-boggling speed. Fortunately, you are the kind of person who loves to grow (even if it’s hard)  and you take others with you.

What if you could do more than just be an incredibly effective leader?

What if you could make such an impact and create so many positive effects that your leadership became a legacy worth carrying forward?

You can do that. The secret is values-based, servant-leadership. It’s what I call “legacy-worthy leadership” and together we’ll create your strategy for achieving it, so you can handle the day-to-day challenges of business AND make the impact you were born to make in this world today and tomorrow.

You need a whole new dance.


Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous.  These four words have never been more accurate in describing the world and the conditions in which leaders across all organizations are expected to perform at the highest possible level. Add to this the ever-increasing speed at which leaders have to respond to these conditions and an ordinary day at work can require as much agility, endurance, and resilience as a daily decathlon.

Now, more than ever, a new kind of leader is needed, a leader who understands their role – to build more leaders and inspire, empower and equip them to lead in service, adding value to the organization and all the people whose lives are touched by the business and its operations.

Every day brings a new challenge. Whether you need to pivot, zig, zag or do a 180° at full speed, the key to navigating and thriving through complexity is to simplify.

As a result of working with me,
what if you could…

  • Communicate better with your employees, your colleagues, all your stakeholders?
  • Improve collaboration and build a stronger team or organizational culture?
  • Create more diversity, inclusion, and equity?
  • Simply ensure that you and your people stay resilient and healthy, so you don’t lose anybody to burnout?
  • Make decisions with more certainty and confidence, because you know what is needed?

Sounds great.

So how do you figure out what your people need and deliver on that?  It’s simple.  To figure out what they need, you listen to understand, you communicate with integrity, you show up ready to learn what you need to teach and model. You respond to what you find out and deliver on that, by practicing and embodying values-based, servant-leadership. It isn’t easy, however, it is simple.

Simple is good, because the last thing you need is more complexity. Right?!

It is simple when you have the right framework and support and that is where Denise Banks-Grasedyck, change catalyst,  developer and transformer of human potential, comes in to provide that transformational framework of proven methodologies and customized support.

Now you are wondering, “How do I get my hands on this powerful transformational framework and support?”
Of course, that is simple, too. Just click the button below to start the ball rolling.

What results do you get with Denise?
Here’s what others say…

Training and Workshop Experiences

“ I was really thrilled with the atmosphere Denise created and the clear and practical examples she gave us.
I can apply 100% of the content to my work.”

- Senior Manager, IT-Management Consulting, Berlin
(Train-the-Coach / Leaders as Coaches Seminar)

Strategy meets confidence, results follow...

“I was feeling unprepared and lacking confidence before a meeting with a big company to pitch my services. I worked one hour with Denise setting up a strategy, and thanks to her key recommendations the meeting with my client ended up giving fantastic results. Denise knew exactly what needed to be done during the meeting and in what order. Her clarity of mind and capacity to see with precision what you and your client need, her organisational skills and her empathy, make her an outstanding business coach.”

- Rakel Sosa, Business Owner, Pranayama Yoga Meditation

Training and Workshop Experiences


“ I was surprised at how easy Denise made it to transfer theoretical knowledge into my own work. The exercises transported the core role for the leader who coaches. ”

- T. Heinrich, Executive Board Member, Berlin
(Train-the-Coach / Leaders as Coaches Seminar)

Work better, live better...


“ As I began to take care of myself much better in my work life, I also did so in my private life.”

- R.H., Business Consultant, Berlin

Personal growth, revenue growth...

"Denise was very compassionate in how she supported me to find a strategy to deal with the sabotaging relationship that I had with shame and the pattern of numbing out to not feel the trigger of low self worth. After our work together I was able to find the confidence to charge the prices for my services that I’m worth. Having this strategy in my tool belt has been very empowering."

- Sara R., Business Owner, Phoenix Arizona

Ask And Receive.

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